Health Benefits of Pressure Cooking

Do you know that pressure cooking is just a few hundred years old? This is true because it has become popular in homes recently. Even though pressure cookers are an ideal method of cooking, the thought of utilizing one does not appeal to some people. This may be due to some bad experiences they had in the past as a result of using first-generation pressure cookers. These types were a bit dangerous.

With modern pressure cookers, the trend has changed completely. What used to be viewed as a dangerous method of cooking is turning out to be one of the best.

In this article, we have highlighted the health benefits of pressure cooking. Read on to learn more.


Consuming meals that have been pressure-cooked cooked will offer more nutritional boost as compared to those prepared for long with traditional cookware. Health experts suggest that the longer hours food take to be cooked, essential nutrients get destroyed and even wasted. Those of pressure cooker uses less liquid and becomes ready quickly.


Boosting the digestibility of the food you eat is key to maximizing the potential nutritional value of every bite you eat. Pressure-cooking can helps you accomplish this. The combination of steam and pressure will make even the toughest meats become succulent and tender. Tenderness is a key sign that a food is easy for your body to digest. The pressure cooker has been found to increase the digestibility by 84 percent In the case of the hard-to-break-down protein in legumes.


This is only not only an economical advantage but it also has it health benefit. A pressure cooker will greatly reduce the time it takes to cook your food as compared to the traditional cookware. This therefore directly correlates with the loss of fewer heat-sensitive nutrients. Some studies show that pressure cooking is one of the best methods for retaining vitamin C and beta-carotene in food such as spinach and amaranth. Also, those studies suggest that pressure cooking increases the number of beneficial phenolics in bananas.


Since pressure cooker uses steam that’s under pressure, foods stay moist. It’s like they get bathed in steam as they cook. What this results is juicier and better-tasting food. The other major benefit of using this method to cook is that it also helps to eliminate the two major cancer-causing compounds (heterocyclic amines and acrylamide) which are often produced by other high-heat cooking methods.


Many are the times, we get worried on the level cooking oil we use to prepare our meals especially for those who are trying to reduce weight. Pressure cooked-food has proved to have a less amount of fat and cholesterol as compared to foods prepared by other traditional cookware.

When using pressure cookers, you do not need to use cooking oil in them. After all, due to the pressure within the cooker, natural oils of meats and vegetables are being used instead. As a result, one consumes food that is more nutritious.


The use of pressure cookers has proven to reduce the risk of eating food-Bourne germs. For people who reside in high latitude areas, it might be quite difficult to heat food to the temperatures that are going to destroy these bacteria. Remember under-cooked food is one of the major causes of food poisoning. Pressure cooking reduces such risks as it gets food to above a hundred and forty degrees. At this temperature, most dangerous pathogens have to die making your meal safe to eat.

A pressure cooker may not look like much, but there is no doubt about it, it is one of the best inventions that could have ever happened to a kitchen. Even with an older model, you can turn any kitchen, regardless of size, into a world-class kitchen. They make cooking-at-home easy, fun, and most importantly, affordable. As you may have heard before, you’re not what you eat… but rather, what you absorb.

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