Slow Cooker vs Pressure Cooker

It is usually hard to tell the difference between pressure cookers and slow cookers. This is mainly because they work almost in the same way. Their functions and operation modes are almost similar. This include that they cook almost the same foods. However, they have a number of differences which makes them stand out from each other. These differences help people make informed decisions while deciding which one to use. Without knowing the differences one might buy one while he or she would have been suited more by the other. Because of this it is important to know the difference between slow cookers and pressure cookers.


As the name suggests the slow cookers take longer periods to cook. In some occasions these cookers might take even twelve hours to cook. On the other hand, the pressure cookers are extremely fast where they cook faster than most cooking options. This makes them suitable for people who want fast foods where they do not have to wait for long. People who use slow cookers need to be extremely organized. This is because one has to plan when to start cooking and create time for the food to be ready. In fact, some people who use slow cookers start preparing food in the morning hoping the food will be ready by lunch time or evening. This is unlike using the pressure cookers where one can prepare foods that will be eaten instantly.


The pressure cookers use pressure to cook. Consequently they require to be closed tightly for the pressure to accumulate and the food to be cooked properly. If the pressure does not accumulate as it should, then the food will not be cooked efficiently. This is unlike using the slow cookers which need steam to cook the foods properly. Consequently, the pressure cookers are designed in manner that they will keep all the necessary pressure inside to cook the food in a proper manner.


Since pressure cookers cook faster they require more energy. This is because for the temperatures to rise more energy needs to be used. On the other hand the slow cookers just need a small amount of energy which makes them extremely slow. However, even if the pressure cookers require more energy they are very reliable. The energy used by the pressure cookers is lower than the one used by most other cooking options. Consequently, even if the pressure cookers use more energy they produce delicious foods which make the energy consumed worth it.


After using a slow cooker one just needs to wash it in the conventional method and then store it. This is attributed to the fact that slow cookers do not have a lot of features. But one needs to be more careful while cleaning and storing a pressure cooker. The main reason behind this is that one needs to take care of the special features such as the lid, the pressure release valve, the pan, the base and the gasket amongst others. This does not necessarily mean that there is more work in cleaning the pressure cookers. But it means one has to be more careful while cleaning the pressure cookers. The importance of this is to ensure the special features do not get damaged while cleaning.

As outlined both pressure cookers and slow cookers have almost the same functions. Almost all the ingredients uses on one can also be used on the other. However, there are some certain types of foods that come out better and more nutritious when cooked faster or slower. Consequently, it is always important to know the difference between slow cookers and pressure cookers. Knowing the difference helps one make an informed decision and therefore buy the most suitable cooker according to ones needs.

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